Monday, March 5, 2007

Chinese Stories - Asian American Film Festival 2001

This short film is probably not to be found anywhere 6 years later - but who knows

Chinese Stories
DIRECTOR: Luciana Kaplan
Mexico 0:32:00 Color Spanish/Chinese

As a Chinese restauranteur apologizes to Lord Buddha for replacing him with the "new boss," the virgin Lupita, so begins this historical, yet personal account of the Chinese diaspora in Mexico. Combining old movie footage with archival photographs, government documents, news headlines and interviews, CHINESE STORIES aptly summates the Chinese immigrant experience in the ambush of colonialism, capitalism and racism. From "Wholesale Chinese" to "Yellow Peril" to present-day difficulties becoming a naturalized Mexican citizen, one is called to rethink the question, "Is this the beginning of the end of a race?"
Anita Chang


Luciana said...

If you are interested in this film you can contact me at:

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