Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chinese food in Mexico City

I found this on a Food in Mexico City Blog and it makes me want to go.   What I miss in small coastal towns is a variety of food options.   Well this should get you started if you are in the "big city".

The young chef, Luís Alfonso Chiu is the son of immigrants from Canton. He grew up in the deco/colonial house, now converted into the restaurant. But the family feeling continues. As chef Chiu presides over the kitchen or mingles with clients his proud parents, Alfonso and Patricia, quietly run the ship.

Chef Luís recounted how his grandparents, who arrived here during the Mexican revolution, had been ‘asked to leave’ during the growing anti-Chinese movement of the ‘20’s and ‘30’s (astute business people, the Chinese were resented by the Mexican upper classes). His parents were born in China but the lure of Mexico remained and they immigrated--lucky for us. The chef grew up here, is as Mexican as mole, but loved the food of his ancestors, so he went back to Canton and Shanghai to study cooking.

Asian Bay Restaurante

Av. Tamaulipas 95 (between Vicente Suarez & Campeche) Condesa
Open Monday - Thursday: 12:00 -10:30 pm
Friday, Saturday 12:00 -11:30 pm
Sun:12-9 pm
Tel. 5553-4582
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