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Chinese Traces in Mexico

Chinese Traces in Mexico
Discovery of an early Chinese temple in Uros, Mexico

Below is a news report from 1900, regarding the discovery of an early Chinese temple in Mexico. Such discoveries have once again become a subject of heated discussions...

Temples In Sonora Said to Uphold Reports of Early Discovery

The report that American officers have unearthed ancient records in Peking showing that the Chinese discovered America 1,500 years ago and erected temples in Mexico has aroused the greatest interest among the scientific men of Monterey and throughout this country, says the Chicago Record. The Chinese temples alluded to are located in the state of Sonora, on the Pacific coast.

The ruins of one of the temples were discovered near the town of Uros, in that state, about two years ago. One of the large stone tablets found in the ruins was covered with carved Chinese characters, which wore partly deciphered by a learned Chinaman who visited the ruins at the request of the Mexican government. This Chinaman made the assertion at the time that the ruins were those of a temple which had been erected many centuries ago by Chinese, but his statement was not received with credence.

It has long been claimed that the Indians of the state of Sonora are descendants of these early Chinese settlers. They possess many traditions and characteristics of the Chinese. If the report of the finding of these records in Peking is verified, an expedition will go from Monterey to explore further the ancient temples of Sonora.

The Massillon Independent, December 13, 1900


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